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About me, a Professional and Experienced Video Game Tester at Your Help.

I′m a professional video game tester earning some $30,000 every year and that working from home, playing my favorite video game even before it is launched in the market.

So I′ll be guiding you become a professional video game tester like me. That is not a big deal as I′ll be sharing my experience – How I became a professional video game tester from a video game junkie like you?

I′m going to help you in following regard –
  • Tune up your gaming skills for video game testing
  • When video gaming companies contact you for testing their latest game
  • Have a real career in the booming video game industry

Here′s My Story –

Before staring anything let me make clear that I was a complete video game junkie and today I′m the same video game enthusiast but getting paid good money and several bonuses as a professional video game tester. These days, I′m busy playing and testing the games, before they are released in the market. If you are interested in Battfield hardline cheats you need to visit this .

In brief I started by wandering online, searching odd sites, for information related to a nice career@playing video games for full time. As was expected, there were no clues in Internet for video game testing career, which was in fact a major setback. No website in Internet provides any sort of information on how to quick start a career as a Video Game Tester. After a long haul, running pillar to post, I was able to get offers for playing and testing some famous video games.

Slowly, I used to find some bugs while playing them using all sort of gaming skills and experience, once I find bugs in the game I send a mail to the game company about the bug, specify what is wrong, where and what need to be done so they can fix it. They replied back with good bonus and respectful “thanks”. Since then I worked in several companies, now days I earn more then a regular day job.

Now What! Here′s the Bottom Line

If you really wish to be a professional video game tester and earn good money, as mentioned above, I′ll be helping you all through using my experience and knowledge in this field of video game testing.

Video Game Testing Guide Ebook

It′s high time now, I′ve compiled a Video Game Testing career guide (e-book) for helping you all. The guide is enough for you transit from a video game junkie to the prestigious video game tester.

In the book I′ve shared, based on experience, each of following facts –

  • How to start with – How would video game houses contact you for testing their games? How would they know about you, in fact?

  • Writing tailor made your application for the best game testing jobs. Application lets the game houses know your extraordinary skills and my tips would make your application stand out of other applicants.

  • Why should they hire you when there are lot of applicants? You need to show you are the best one among them and to project your gaming skills in an employer friendly manner. I’ve covered all these in the “Video Game Tester Career” guide.

So Go Ahead! Quick start with my guide!

Download my “Video Game Testing Career Guide” e-book

The ebook, as mentioned above, covers everything that a video game enthusiast like you would want to know regarding career@video game testing. Since this is based on experience of a professional video game tester, who is already making money in this industry, I’m damn sure it’s going to help you.

We teach you the exact requirement for a video game tester, and prepare you for most of the top video game houses. Not only that, we provide you all sort of information, which helps you apply to the top game houses for working as a tester.

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