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yellowish discharge from the urethra. This was accompanied
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attached for a family of or persons six medium sized potatoes or small
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pain especially in the joints. Not an inch of the body from head
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technic and strict asepsis. The ansesthetic control of the patient
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Fig.. Chart Showing Drop of Temperature Due to Intestinal
in six or eight hours if there was not a marked im
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manent l enefit will only follow the adoption of some
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nephritis exoj hthalmic goitre active tuberculosis are contra indi
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Sept.. The bowels have been relieved to have beef tea
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trophied nuclei may divide and may also play a part in the
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in the exception to the resolution. In such Institu
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fresh traumatisms and to trust implicitly to patient
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mented ketogenesis on pancreas feeding. In those of our experiments
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aristocratic members of the feline fraternity. To produce
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ated lesions of the stomach some of which were ulcers
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meningeal or other hemorrhage may be very slight as in certain cases
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and symptoms of gastro tosis V I should say that on in
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Contractures may be mistaken for either spasticity or deformity due
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blood in these cases. A review of the literature of
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lungs for several years by which the right ventricle had become
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to coincide the two lines proceeding from them would also coincide.
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Diffierential Diagnoaia There are two organic lesions of the heart
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of laked red cells is able to hold the ferric hydroxide in
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Professor of Public Health. Yale School of Medicine
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themselves and the author takes this opportunity of
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these cases which were attributed to the absorption of simple septic
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around its base. In the absence of boric acid powder use
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increased according to the reaction. The arthritic re
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was the best general drug available in this condition.
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obtained from the sources to be immediately mentioned it is necessary that this
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eclectic. has led me to these principles the sound
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is a great infiltration of the interstitial connective tissue. In my case the
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nation whichever should come first and of all persons on entering the
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bluish tinge on the lips and general duskiness. The breathing is shallower and
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