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tion of being the best remedy for Eczema Herpes Erythema Erysipelas Sebor
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nestly desirous to see it consummated they are unwiUing
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may be present in high degree without impairment of vision. Loss of visual
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either to very high fevers or to those typhoid forms which produce
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A. That comes partly through your vaso motor effect but if you
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trations and coloured plates add appreciably to the value of the
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change. Nor does he regard the retinal degeneration as a reauU
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cellent throughout which did not meet with perfect unanimity of
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A poultice or a flannel wet with a saturated solution of Gum Camphor
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stronger preparations are called for I prefer to use
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according to the following plan which permitted a tentative diagnosis
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lasted a little less than three weeks. Treatment at
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tive inquiry it may be answered from actual observation. Not a
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Sunlight. The germicidal influence of sunlight exerts its power
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of cases of confirmed Gout it is extremely common to find that
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The most common cause of jaundice in all chmates is some
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rapidly. A few days later the cicatrix opened again