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that he was the subject of an intracranial tumour. He died of pleurisy

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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News Louisville Ky.

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Dr. Ford Anderson demurred to the special infectiousness

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obstruction of the ureter from flexure upon itself or

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Thursday but at different hours you will sometimes find scarcely

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trophy of the walls of the left ventricle. There was

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Note. At a subsequent clinical lecture Dr. Flint pre

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knew of an instance where a local health officer refused

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in which we had lived has expanded its borders. The

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of thickening of the blood before emaciation has resulted we call it

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ruptive force. When the cohesion is not sufficient to overcome this

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on taking active exercise a troublesome cough which continued to

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The paralysis of the left upper limb has lasted over

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injury some benefit might accrue to the patient. He

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Finally manifest signs of inflammation appear in the breast

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Government has signified its willingness to grant a site for the pro