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indefatigable obfervations in bodies dille ted by the
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to give this method of treatment a more extended trial in
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there were many who got through their work better with
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athletes prior to attempting feats of strength and agility is detrimental
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universal and fatal peritonitis. The question would then be as
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the legs together. A cathartic was given before the
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handle is then depressed towards the temporal fossa
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with increasing population and rapidly extending lines of railroad and
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have been brought about by the development in the subsidiary centers
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apticles at the same time suggesting that they should
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tutions to which we have referred in order that they may be
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very frequently lessened even though there should be a good deal of
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Therapeutics as taught in the regular course of instruction of other
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simply postponed for further report and for more in
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strong reactions to serologic tests etc. are not so much dependent
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that is always seriously impaired already but because the
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countenance dejected and spirits languid her breathing remains
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recent experiments of the late Dr. Anstie and Dr. Dupre have placed
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livers himself of opinions upon the mental condition
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ing was practiced. The introduction also sets the stage in
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Pfaunenstiel gives the following special indications
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latter occurs however in phosphorus poisoning only in quite
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bringing forward any new facts but with the hope of en
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ergot cannabis Indica and the extractum venc majoris in drachm
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making them appear darker and will hemolyze red blood cells. Normally
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part and is said to produce less pain than other escharotics
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ing always affected first with the presence of blood
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the larynx. To the casual observer the tubes seem of small
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blood and thence exciting the activity of the various
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tines and subject to such great periodic alterations of vasculari
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Hospital Dispensary was closed. It was reorganized i
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complete paralysis of the superior laryngeal nerve. The eflbrt to close the
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sometimes produce a severe gastro intestinal catarrh.
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institution considered a sufficient guarantee of the com
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Origin of Menstruation. Theilhaber states that men
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myositis in general features but differs in the presence of haemorrhages into
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inwards along the vessels causing a contraction and