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muscle from the axilla to seventh rib. The expectoration was
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hydrochloric acid may be needful and if the appetite be impaired it may
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The hereditary transmission of the disease is possible but seems
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during pregnancy and still more during and for a time after
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ture of syphilis which seemed to prove that the use
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parison was made with bacilli of similar morphology from other
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nuclear elements. In some cells the nuclear membrane
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and total deprivation of voluntary power countenance and lips
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stricture and other consequences. This may apply when attempts are made
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the median and ulnar nerves of the arm into which the leprous
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occur at any time. There is no lack of satisfactory treatises
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tion with rupture of the membrana tympani. In Jenkins
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scribed see page and for the other pulses they are as follows
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was formerly used by Zanzibar Arabs as a health resort. It is the
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forearm was semiflexed and supinated by the biceps.
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quirements methods of teaching facilities etc. were