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Physiological Physics. In one mo. volume of pages with illustra
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and will be continued during the coming fiscal year.
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ing passages which I discovered accidentally while en
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In one of the cases of migratory pneumonia the pneumococco opsonic
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umn is motor in function and transmits impulses from the
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and other mild symptoms of phenol poisoning in susceptible individuals
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of hyoscyamus may be accomplished as well outside of the cabinet
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and results and treatment in European wars were given.
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advance ent of general literature in the college. He pos
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quency. His paper was based on the personal observa
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ture are not starthng or excessive although the nights are always cool. Occasional
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year just ended I cannot perceive any signs of more
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based on his theoretical explanation of the cause of seasickness as
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crepitus or rales in chest urine still retained but the
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that opium and its various preparations deserve the first
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requirements. Efforts were directed toward evaluating the total thermal stress
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concluding that the bile is shut off from the duodenum simply because
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the left face and some weakness of the upper extremities but these soon
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and this warm weather has been suddenly succeeded by un
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concealed bistoury being made to cut in three directions downward
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epigastric hollow are usually tender on pressure. Meteorism due to intes
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absolutely aseptic the chances from a Cajsarean section
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adrenalin chloride i iooo was administered through the axillary artery
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fertility and inexhaustible nature of this wheat soil is d in
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should either be paid out of a local rate or by the Treasury.
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When the condition of the meatus depends upon a purulent affection of the
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The test tubes are lal lied and set aside for develop
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would seem however to negative the above hypothesis.
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urine is entirely suppressed for as long a period as
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The preservatives most commonly in use are boracic acid or borates
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wound about in long which penetrates into the mastoid
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he should be fully assured of the satisfactory condition of the patient before
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internal hsemorrhoid and a to gr. solution will turn it
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the arteries that supply it. This would necessitate an operation.
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person speaking at the distance of fifty paces from him but who directs
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betoken the relapsing form of the disease and the likelihood of
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crepitus heard on admission gradually passed into gurgling and
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careful dusting of the whole room before occupation.
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the animal to be experimented upon. The animals used were mostly
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globular and also that it was still unknown what were the
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recent development of a nodule. This decided me to lay before
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