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to tampon the vagina with iron cotton. The doctor was
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of authors. The pages show a wide experience in these
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drugs which have a selective action upon the vagus and sympathi
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South Central Mississippi Medical Society nd Tuesday March June
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ation be fatal it usually is so within a few days from
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State hospital is legally required to have one woman phys
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not only condoned but even advised very bad advice
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times cured by the application of spirits of turpentine
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cent solution of cocaine applied after drying the mucous surfaces
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which may consist of macules papules vesicles or blebs
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tension as witnessed by the diagnostician and clin
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lished in the Transactions of the Medical Society of
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and with it the strong helpful interest now taken in
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not stain thoroughly and the cells often appeared flat as described by
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and he was mortified and grieved about what he con
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in the exact seat of the scar shooting backwards into the neck.
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to be attained. Persons it must be remembered who have no skill
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tines appeared prominently to the naked eye like a net
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pus were chiefly striking. After the injection of such the
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the other would show the two halves of the brain to
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The possibility of wide separation of the fragments of
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tissue of the abdominal wall. Then too there is lacking the