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cases at the present time. Only by a careful vaginal examina
But there is evidenee tlint mammals at least are not
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the muscular tissue itself but on the contamination of the meat during
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appear in medical history as in some respect the founders of a
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the disease. It is more frequent in certain epidemics than in others.
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when six weeks old were inoculated with cc. of a hour bouillon
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in. Pathologically the first stage corresponds with the disease
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with the rest of the children and throughout the other
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establish a detention ward. At present insane patients
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measures based upon them will be put in operation. As I have said
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face of the ground and that the disease abated when the
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there were several clots of lymph two or three lines in thickness. The
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passed into the brachiocephalic origins in an atraumatic
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event of his taking the field i.e. The regimental medical detach
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promptly and sufficiently met and as to the absui d
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monia is so prevalent that it is practically pandemic. Direct contagion is
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place. This is remarkable for the extreme coldness and
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bladder may result from undue compression or other violence or
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this history then a course of treatment so far as medication
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