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    here merely to illustrate the condition of the parts at differ

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    profession but even the most skilled are often unable to meet the

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    nually from among the senior jiupils each with a salary of s.

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    large pessaries. The frequent lifting of the uterus the Sims

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    become law of the State. Only lately the member of the

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    and as to the physician s death certificate we all know

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    Waters founds his view on these facts the emphysema may reach

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    Two were cases of h pertension. One had only a very slight

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    When alienists have learned that classifications are not to be

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    who observed it iu epidemic form in the neighborhood

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    tained in this book. Many of them have but small attachment and

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    senses and in the locomotive apparatus whilst the latter show

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    course was a positive result obtained the control experi

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    of amblyopia feom supfiressioa is at least doubtful

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    mission to hospital under his care had been a patient

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    the senses are rendered more acute and better able to

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    which have been recorded above on the subject of tubercular inoculation

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    Dr. Henry Koplik Xew York City read a paper entitled

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    may be looked upon as one result of the vis medicatrix naturce

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    five cases of paralysis discovered anatomical alterations in

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    Dr Renfrew had had two cases of placenta praevia both the mothers

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    pyonephrosis only once was the other kidney damaged

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    Take this case What do you get when you take a cold

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    of an isolated patch shows a A dilated central bronchiole full of tenacious

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    of arsenic in the above small doses continued for protracted periods of

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    erable importance in gastro enteric diseases. Of especial

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    Large doses of alcohol as in intoxicated persons cause a subnormal

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    but rarely with anencephaly. He mentions as monstrosities which some

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    practical results obtained. We note with interest the increasingly large

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    almost invariably bringing it into discredit although as allo

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    is to be looked for. All communications not intended for publication

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    quite well. The Servian paper contains an exhaustive analysis of

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    sheep are transferred and the new waybills conductors manifests memoranda and bills

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    necrosis are not unusual. O. Ehrhardt reported a case of retrosternal echino

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    ments. At half past twelve dinner is taken in the different dining rooms.

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    tended to and restoration of the general health should be aimed

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    gland affected is frequently not much larger than it was in health.

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    the further progress of electrical science would come in either

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    means that one or both parents died of apoplexy uremia

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    Medical Act the General Medical Council was essentially well

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