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    order of disease is ninety-eight, viz. thirty on board
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    and prospects may fall through and burst like a bubble.
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    memory of most of those still living, there is less necessity for
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    complained of " seeing double." He gradually regained the use of his limbs,
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    and from artificial methods of aeration and purification.
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    the railroad company was requested to disinfect the cars in which these
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    the organism. The new elements thrown in the diseased field
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    side of the jaw became loosened, and came out About
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    ing the nature of the vascular disease. The simplest approach
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    II will now sketch out the arrangement which I propose to
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    There are certain areas of the body where this tissue
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    of the navy in special subjects has in the past been given in a
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    next day. Disinfection of uterus must be subsequently contin-
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    the patient under the influence of chloral. In some cases antipyrin is
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    one was infected." How will these facts be reconciled with the belief in conta-
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    be a parasite that, arising in the moth, appeared in the
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    rivers, traveling with considerable regularity up Little river, and
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    desired relief. The jjatient was subjected to proper preparatory treat-
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    cover, attended to their wounds, and organized stretcher parties for their removal. His prompt
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    fully opened, and the catheter found betwixt the membranes and the parietes
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    reported. Although the septicemia responded to antibiotics, ,
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    tivated by Bourgelat to the cost of a true scientitic method, and
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    (normal 6 to 10 c. c), so that despite the symptomatic improvement
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    A wound is a division not only of the tissues but of the overlying
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    feet, an^d^lTshallow well as being "under 'SOleeWeep.
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    FlG. 8. Tr. brucei. Moderately advanced infection. The condition of the
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    that in one year it has been carried 200 miles inland from the extreme
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    a placebo-controlled trial in normal volunteers, administration of ZOLOFT for 22 doys (including 200 mg/doy for the final 13
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    am not about to refer to men who, duly qualified to
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    ly to suffer more from a mixed practice. Yours, &c,
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    as other higher centres were disorganized, for the patient was admitted
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    that the movements of the larynx resulting from stimulation of the cortex
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    3. That an annual appropriation of not less than one hundred dollars
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    373 recovered, 1.t3 died, and in 7 the result is doubtful; this makes the rate of
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    blood not being obtainable, and in 4 cases the exami-
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    dentl\ formed by a Quid, as upon examining it, a distinct feel-

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